Lviv region

Lviv Region is one of five the most attractive tourist recreational destinations. Health recreation market is here the most prospective in Ukraine. Nature wealth of the region has always been our proud.

Spa and recreation features are far to be exhausted in this terrain since it is located on the junction of Rostochia and Podilska Upland. Most of the territory is surrounded by Ukrainian Carpathians and the adjacent Peredkarpatya.

Due to versatile recreational resources and favorable weather conditions holidaying in Lviv Region is enjoyable all year round.

Healthy mineral waters make the ‘Treasures of underground pharmacies’ and have been well known as wealth of our region.

There are seven types of mineral waters in Lviv Region out of eight known in balneology. Springs are developing resorts like Truskavets, Skhidnytsya, Morshyn, Shklo, Velykyy Lubin and other health centers. Balneology resources of Lviv Region also include medical peaty mud of Nemyriv Lubin Velykyy, Morshyn and Shklo deposits.

Health spa is the oldest recreation and its quality has been improved due to the brand new resorts that have been recently raised.

Medical features of Health and Spa Resorts in the region are used for curing and prophylactics of cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems, nephritis, locomotorium problems, skin disorders and other diseases. Service for cure and rehabilitation is provided by professionals of practical experience.

Climate of Carpathian Mountains is comfortable for winter recreation and for active holidaying at the ski resorts of Slavske, Tysovets, Oryavchyk, Volosyanka. Tourist infrastructure of the ski resorts has a wide range of services to offer.

Velo-tourism becomes a popular activity for holidaying in Lviv Region in line with water-tourism and rural green tourism. Welcoming guesthouses offer cozy family vacation in the fresh air away from loud cities.

Sightseeing tours are the most attractive type of vacations for tourists. There are more than 50 tourist routes in Lviv Region like ‘Golden Horse Shoe’ to castles and ruins,  ‘Silver Circle’ to preserved ancient monasteries and churches, ‘Carpathian Legends’, ‘Along the Route of Brave Soldier Shveyk’, ‘Lviv – the Pearl of Europe’, water-route ‘Dnister rafting’ as well as ‘Middle-Age Lviv’ and ‘Seven wonders of Lviv’.

Holidaying in Lviv will bring you a lot of fun and you will gain unforgettable experience and get healthy.